9 questions to test yourself - or to have fun with those around you.

Each question has a number, and you may need a bit of math skills to figure out the number as I could not get myself to use any other number than 2...

More about counting with 2 here.

Which weekday is 22.02.2022?

Is Tuesday named Tuesday because it is day no. 2 in the week?

When is Tuesday a Twosday?

What is 2+2?

How many Twosdays are there in 2022?

22.02.2022 is a palindrome date - you can read it from both ends.

Mention another palindrome – a date or a word or a thing… anything.

All chemical elements have a number. Which element is #2 in the periodic table of elements?

A) Helium  B) Oxygen  C) Carbon

There are more Twosdays in 2022 than 22.02.2022. How many days are there from 22.02.2022 until the next Twosday?

Does 2024 have more or less Twosdays than 2023?

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