About 22-2-22.com

It started as a countdown to the Twosday of our century: 22.02.2022 @ 22:22, and is now the go-to countdown place for special dates where the numbers of the date is more than just numbers.

Here's the nerdy story...

A normal famliy evening meal with my wife and our daughter and son - at that time 15 years old (twins) - in 2016 about funny dates has turned into the universe of 22-2-22.com and the joy of beatuiful numbers, Twosdays, countdowns and mathematics.

I'm Morten

I consider myself a regular guy working a very exciting full time job in commercial development at strategic levels in a multinational company, and who happens to have a passion for logic, numbers and the beauty of mathematics - and who is often the go-to-person for 'how-to-do-that-in-Excel'.

Next to my work, I am a family guy, enjoying life with my wife and family, our dog, our friends, our house and garden, nearby woods, harbour and beach in  Denmark. And trying to keep fit running a few times a week next to walking the dog 1-2 times per day in the forrest next to our house.

Next to 22-2-22.com, I also have a passion for coffee - and especially coffee cups. I have worked more than 12 years in the coffee industry, just to realize that when everyone is keen to discuss origins of beans and blends - which for me is like origins of wine - what really matters is the brewing method AND the cup in which it is served.

Good coffee deserves a nice cup - which is the essence of my universe of Coffee Cups at www.CoffeeCupReview.com

Some years back I decided to write a book about what I consider the fundamentals of leadership. It is universal, it works on strategic level and at day-to-day managerial level, and it is a framework that can be applied at any challenge. More on this at www.lesson.one

Want go get in touch with me, then find me on Twitter or send me an email.

Thanks for reading,


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