World Twosday

After a couple of years pain and frustration from the pandemic, the World is in hunger of joy, happiness and self care.

For the very very few getting married - let's celebrate them.

For the 0,27% of the world's poplulation having their birthday on 22/02 - let's celebrate them.


And for rest of us - for the more than 99% of us - let's make it a day of cozyness.

A day of taking care of ourselves.

A day of making sure that we don't forget ourselves in the daily circus of life.

Share with the rest of the World: What do you do to make it a good day for yourself?

Yoga? Reading? See a good friend? Spending time in nature?

Share your idea of making a good day for yourself:

Join the movement - post your thoughts as a reply to the tweet above!

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