22.11.22 @ 11:22
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What is a Twosday?

This site was born to celebrate the Twosday of our lifetimes: 22.02.2022 @ 22:22, and we continue celebrating Twosdays to come.

Full details about Twosday here.

If you love quizes, here's the Twosday Quiz.

And if you can't get enough of 2 - here's how to count 1-9 only using the number 2.


It is also a Palindrome date

When written in the short (and non-US) format DD.MM.YY, this date is also a Palindrome:


Palindromes are special, as they can be read from both ends and give the same result.

22.22.22 was also a Palindrome, and other Palindromes could be racecar, level, madam...

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